About Ajnara Sport City

The Ajnara Sport City Master Plan is being strategized on the plot of 67 acres of land and the complex is going to be comprised of 1000 units and there you are going to find the towers with almost 26 floors in them. The complex is fully modernized and has various luxurious amenities for all your comforts. To justify the name more, there is Badminton court, different court for basket ball, and ground for playing cricket, tracks for jogging and running, lawn tennis facilities, court for squash, table tennis, and golf ground and there is also a multipurpose court for other sports. There is huge swimming pool for the relaxation and leisure facilities of the residents of the complex. There is also to every one’s surprise, a volley ball court too and that is just appropriately going with the name of the complex. The complex is having huge open spaces for greeneries and there are also beautifully themed landscaped garden areas along with paved compound. There is a hall which can be availed for various parties and the ceremonies and a cafeteria within the complex for chilling out with friends and family.

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