Paid Guest Blogging Sites That Boost Your Business With Efforts


Guest posting sites that involve writing and publishing articles for other websites. Guest blogging is by the person who is invited to write for your company to write a blog for your website. A person can write for free or paid. The writer typically works in the same industry as the organization. Best Sites for Guest Posting / Best Sites for Guest Posting / Best Sites for Guest Posting / Best Sites for Guest Posting / Best Sites for Guest Posting

What is paid guest blogging?

Paid guest posting sites are effective in boosting your business and website traffic. The service works on bringing the best results to every business with guest posting efforts. It grips with all the hassle from outreaching, writing, and publishing along with submitting a guest blog. There are guest posting agencies that offer to handle your guest posting projects.

Are you paying your guest bloggers?

A lot of blogs offer to pay guest writers for the contributions they make. Of course, it is about pitching the idea and raking in a ton of money. In most cases, guest posting opportunities are not very lucrative. You can easily make more money with regular freelance writing.

Benefits of paid guest blogging sites:

  • Get introduced to a new audience
  • You can build brand trust
  • You can get free back links
  • You can also increase your online presence and authority
  • You can grow your social media following
  • You can also generate leads

What are the best practices to get your guest blogs posted?

Some of the tips to get your blog to publish with top sites:

You can become an expert in the field. You need to get ahead of your nearest  competitors. Get expertise in your field and further create exclusive content that adds credibility to your blogs which further gets validated too.

You can create an effective pitch:

Creating of personalized pitch is necessary. It is also good to know whom you are pitching and it also includes the blogs on the website and with the audience. It helps with demonstrating credibility and knowledge.

Value your networks and relationships: Your pitch for the guest post gets rejected by the publication. You can still build your networks and further maintain the relationships so that different posts you write get easily accepted.

Some of the additional tips for paid guest blogging sites are:

  • First set your goals
  • Find the right opportunity
  • Shortlist with your guest posting sites
  • Get some topics and ideas together
  • Create a pitch
  • Prepare your post
  • Follow up and track the results

Some of the popular guest posting sites are mentioned here:

Pepper Content: Pepper Content is one of the world’s biggest content markets. It is with a wide network of content creators. We start with inviting pitches with high-quality guest posts. The various topics include inbound marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, content writing, and graphic design.

CopyBlogger: Copyblogger is one of the leading sources that get online content marketing. It has a mission to ensure with all articles and blogs on the websites with well documented, relevant, and practical writings.

Social media examiner: It is a guest posting site that publishes well research and detailed works.

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