Godrej Park Lane Greater Noida 3BHK and 4BHK Luxury Apartments


Godrej Park Lane is a 3BHK and 4BHK flats apartments luxury project which is placed in Greater Noida. Its total covered area land is 100 acres which also includes 20 acres golf course. the project has total 4 towers where also has luxury villas, apartments and studio apartments. With the economic uncertainty, it is really difficult to think upon investing your hard earned money. But, if you want to make sure that you need to extract more out of your investment, then real estate is the perfect platform. Owning a property, either for your personal use or from the investment perspectives, you will be benefited with the tax advantages. If you own the investment property; you can decrease the building and the capital improvements. Reduction will enable you to cut the cost of the asset evenly from your income on the building. Buy Godrej Nest apartments, Godrej Park Lane and Godrej Woods flats.

No doubt building choice depends upon the buyers’ requirement. Skyscrappers has always allured the occupants and make them feel proud. But not everyone crave for the tall buildings. Independent villas are expensive, while, builder floors easily suit to buyers’ pocket. A builder floor apartment is a residential unit designed in a low rise independent building holding up to 2-4 numbers of floors. Such floor is being constructed by the builder either by themselves or in collaboration with the land owner. But there is a drawback associated with the builder floors. They lack the facilities like gym, swimming pool, power back up and round the security facilities.

Apartments have no doubt number of advantages for property investors. Before buying an apartment, buyers need to consider several major factors. One has to look for the ideal locality, close proximity to the office, availability of basic facilities as well as pricing value. In association with all these factors, the buyers also need to make the smart selection of the floor they want to live on. With an ever increasing population and rise in the demand for the urban living spaces, high floors are on the top list of the buyers. One of the major benefits of living on the high floor is proper ventilation facilities.

Another major advantage is the beautiful view and complete security. No doubt, capital appreciation is comparatively faster on the upper floors. But unfortunately, it consumes more power, either be the human transportation to higher levels via lifts, high electricity bills during summer season etc.

Middle floor balances the merits and demerits of the top floor. You will easily load and unload your goods through stairs. The power consumption is comparatively minimal as compared to the higher floors. If your house nestles in rural locality, living on the ground floor will no doubt be enjoyable. But, if you are living in a densely populated city, it will become very challenging.

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