Let Us See, In How Many Ways, a Human Being is Benefited

Ecovillage is a new interesting concept, which is appreciated by not only by environmentalists, but also by individuals. There are many of the dimensions to look at the goal and mission of the eco villages. It is not only taking care of environment, without pollution, but has many other important dimensions to look and understand the way they are designed and developed. Another Project: ATS Pious Hideaways Noida | Palm Olympia Phase 2 | Godrej Golf Links Price List


This Supertech eco village 1 Noida Extention has facilitated and implemented many of the concepts of the eco villages, growing the world wide.

Supertech sports republic apartment is a new residential project which is situated at Yamuna expressway, Greater Noida. It has several types of the modern facilities like swimming pool, park, garden, shopping places for daily needs, well connectivity to Delhi, NH-24, Yamuna expressway and Noida expressway.

Let us see, in how many ways, a human being is benefited as well as how the environment is preserved by such worldly accepted ideal eco village methods.

Environmental benefits

The first dimension to understand is reduction of the pollution. The environment and nature could be preserved in its natural way, by minimizing the pollution. The source of the thought of the eco village is stemmed with the principle to create systems of cohousing or villages which do sustain with dependence to little resources or no resources at all from the external resources or unnatural resources. It should make use of the best and optimal utilization of the natural resources than the artificial ones that would emit lots of heat and carbon dioxide open into the environment. Let them list out more clear exploration.

  1. It reduces or minimizes the emission of CO2as the need of transportation is reduced.
  2. Carbon banking could be enabled and implemented with the usage by growing plants and trees. This is also would be made possible by creation of biomass by improving the quality of the soil.
  3. It improves the biodiversity, by ensuring sustain of the other animals, which do support the nature cycle both directly and indirectly. It is ensured with the habitat of wildlife.
  4. The water quality, which is not influenced by any kind of polluted methods, decreases the water pollution, in fact there would be no question of water pollution when eco village concept is implemented and accomplished in natural methods.
  5. The air is preserved with its natural gases and would not be diluted from the gases released from the transportation of the vehicles, as their usage is minimized to a great extent.
  6. There would be no dilution or pollution because of the manufacturing industries and mining etc.
  7. The chemical released would be minimized as there is least and no usage of the fuel to run the machines.
  8. Minimized usage of hard and dangerous chemicals like fungicides, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides provide dual benefits. The first benefit is least utilization of these hard chemicals and the second benefit from reduced pollution in terms of preparation, transportation and result of usage from them.
  9. With the natural methods used for usage of various kinds of material, minimize the waste extracted from the packaging plastic material.
  10. The noise pollution would be decreased to a great extent with less utilization of the transportation.
  11. The regular fuel used for cooking, electricity would be lessened with the usage of alternative methods like using resources like wood etc.
  12. The design and build of the house uses less polluting material unlike steel, plastic, iron and much other material, thereby reducing its contribution to the pollution.

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