This is Not a Story or Imagination. This a News of Only Property

How would you respond if the advanced technology and amenities from a city as well as peaceful and cool breeze from greenery from a village are combined into one place? How would it be if you have a house in such hub? Excellent healthy recreated life. Right? This is not a story or imagination. This is purely possible and such flats in apartments of towers are all available with pocket friendly price. Sounds possible! Isn’t it?

The name of Supertech Sports Village is preceded with eco because of its eco-friendly or environment-friendly methods adopted for the usage of conventional power supply to this mini-township. The power supply supplied to this township is extracted and made from solar energy and wind energy. Solar power utilization made this place to be environmentally friendly which reduces the harm by not increasing global warming and its effects. The lighting system adopted with LED lights minimizes the maintenance requirements as well as the electricity bills.  Supertech golf village is a new flats apartment project which is located at Yamuna expressway. It has 1, 2, and 3 BHK affordable modern falts apartments. Another New Launch Project Ghaziabad: ATS Floral Pathways Ghaziabad.



Supertech is worth discussing here, because of its great initiative of thought of green or eco-village. It was founded in the year 1988 and got certified with ISO 9001:2000. The revolutionary themes and eco-friendly projects are initiated in the real estate industry and awarded with Udyog Ratan and also Excellence award is awarded to the same. The architectural excellence has been initiated with the existing projects and continues with the new residential projects called Supertech Sports Village, eco-village 2 and eco-village 3, and many more. Supertech in fact is not limited to residential projects; it also bagged beautiful complements for its entirely new way of looking to provide an all-in-one facility for commercial projects also. The best thing that makes it stand always at higher standards and visions as well grab the complements of the residents is its nature-friendly vision and implementations. The strength of the buildings and towers which can withstand the natural calamities, it builds is well created with the advanced technology and natural resources it uses. Nirala Project: Nirala Estate Phase 2.


  • All the houses have open entrances on all four sides.
  • Parking is arranged in central areas in 4 central parks of complex, to not to be farer from the home to reach
  • This mini-village is well connected to the roads and so transportation to move to workplaces and other places would not be any tedious. Frequent travels to Delhi and Gurgaon and major cities around are no longer.
  • Water supply is continuous for 24 hours
  • Power supply is uninterrupted for 24 by 7
  • Every kitchen has a continuous supply of reticulated gas and so cooking could never be interrupted or needs alternatives than the regular gas


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