Gaur City 14th Avenue Apartment in Noida Extension


The orientation: In India, the majority prefers Delhi NCR because in general it offers you the view of the Noida and you also receive sun during the morning. If you are looking to receive natural light for most of the day, grand center Noida is very popular. But you should keep in mind that the apartment will be much colder in winter and more will be needed artificial light throughout the year. Department Height: Real estate professionals recommend choosing from the 7th to 12th floor to have the freedom to open the windows without too much concern for the safety or discomfort of the movement of cars and people on the street. From the 13th floor upwards, you have the same advantage, but for those who fear heights or be isolated in case of any failure of elevators, earthquakes, etc. A better option would be to choose lower-floor apartments. The lower floors are also quite quoted for the price, which tends to be lower. Gaur City 14th Avenue Resale / Gaur Yamuna City Resale / Gaur City Center Resale / Trecento Residences by Gaurs

If you have a car it is vital that you take this point into account since, otherwise, you will have to look for an external parking lot that will generate extra expenses or leave your car exposed to theft if it is necessary to park on the streets. You should also think about the parking of bicycles if you use this means of transport, in this way you will not have the need to store it inside your home and occupy spaces that you could devote to something else. More and more buildings have special sectors for storing motorcycles and bicycles, which have easy access and exit. Public transport: Even when you have your own means of transportation, having nearby metro stops or buses is very important, especially when there is only one vehicle for the family or when there are students at home who need to constantly move around. Looking at these connection facilities with different areas of the city can avoid many future complications. In addition, you can look for buildings near future metro lines but that has not yet been built, so as to gain greater surplus-value once they are inaugurated.

Continuing with the previous point, apart from considering accessibility, it is important that you take into account the most important aspects in your day to day, such as the distance to your work, university or schools, supermarkets or nearby shopping centers, parks and green areas where you can walk your dog, play with children or go jogging, etc. Perhaps this type of departments is a bit more expensive, but if you put in perspective the time and monetary expense of having to be constantly moving to meet needs, buy things for the house, take the children to school, etc. The extra expense may be worth it. Taking these aspects into account will be vital for the choice of your home, it will help you make a much more rational decision and also ensure a better quality of life for your future. The options are many, so do not stay with the first building that catches your attention and searches, quotes and asks long before deciding what your next apartment will be.

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